Welcome to Hydrocool

Welcome to Hydrocool water

Quality water coolers at affordable prices! 

Bottled water coolers Free rental!

Only £5.00 a bottle

Free delivery

Recommend a friend a receive £50 

pou water coolers/ plumbed in

A pou cooler is a water cooler which doesn't require a bottle on the top!

Save on administration with only one invoice per year with a fixed 1,2 or 3 year contract!

Have you considered the benefits of a plumbed in cooler?

  • No water bottle charges
  • Never run out of water 
  • No lifting heavy bottles
  • No need to worry about getting delivery's 
  • Use as much water as you like
  • Choice of a hot and cold cooler! 
  • 1 micron filter 
  • One annual invoice! 


  • For a three year contract it will only cost you £210 a year!
  • For a two year contract it will only cost you £280 a year!
  • For a one year contract it will only cost you £310 a year!

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